Eco friendly products are recycled materials that have been previously used in other ways and shapes. Strict quality control checks make sure that end products consumers have in their hands are of high quality and meet the requirements of products made of non-recycled materials.

It is important to recycle used paper as paper is the No 1material used in eco friendly products.

The production process of eco friendly paper is almost the same as the production process of paper pulp. Recycled paper is going through all the relevant procedures until paper pulp is off-white or beige and the only difference is that since the pulp consists of shorter fibers, the pull strength is diminished. Finally, they both have the same hygiene standards through numerous and meticulous quality control checks by EU institutions (ECOLABEL).

Our certifications come from our raw materials providers and are ISO 9001, ISO 14000,ECOLABEL,FOOD CONTACT, water dilution certificate.

Our systems offer 40% economy on disposables compared to regular appliances of the market. Our systems meet all European and American specifications for high standards operation and we offer a 2 year guarantee for excellent operation.

Mars Airlaid is a specialized material that is food contact safe, it is widely used in Sushi bars and butcher shops as ideal liquid absorbing material and it evenly distributes coolness without destroying the tissues of fresh food products.

Paper used for cleaning food contact surfaces should be easily traceable and visible to the naked eye. Blue is the most noticeable colour and this is why Mars tissue has created a blue product that is 30-40%  more absorbent and harder so that it can withstand heavy duty use.

Due to the high risk food industries face in the field of cleaning, Mars tissue offers highly specialized products for the proper application of the  H.A.C.C.P system.  Among them is Fas, the one-day, blue cleaning cloth and a full, wide range of system appliances with their disposables.

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